Aquatic Resources Inc. (ARI) Was originally incorporated by Rick Goche as a live seafood company which eventually became the largest most successful live Dungeness crab supplier in the world. ARI is now dedicated to providing live Dungeness crab handlers with an unmatched source of information about Live Dungeness crab holding, handling and shipping. Aquatic Resources sets the industry standard for live seafood shipping and handling.

ARI’s customers include the most well established and successful Live Dungeness Crab operations on the West Coast of North America.


“You’ve done an excellent job of setting up my live system and I look forward to working with you in your consulting capacity.”

-T. Gordon Hannon, Oregon Gourmet Crab

“When it comes to moving crabs long distances and keeping them alive, ARI has been the pioneer.”

-Nick Furman, Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission

“Rick is on the leading edge, worldwide, of shipping live crab.”

-Dalton Hobbs, Seafood Marketing Oregon Dept. of Agriculture