Seafood Live System Design and Installation

Below are the 9 business to business offerings from Aquatic Resources, Inc. Many of these options are available as phone consultation, others necessitate on-site visits.

1. Feasibility study

Each customer has unique needs and a unique facility. We can put our experience to work for you and help you determine if your project is within your physical site and budget constraints.

2. Pre-purchase site review

For customers who are planning to purchase a site to house their new live system. We can advise on the sites which you have chosen and whether they will suit your needs.

3. Decision making assistance

Sometimes it is just good to have an experienced sounding-board to help with the decision making process.

4. System design and layout

Once the site is approved, we can design a system that is expandable, fits your budget, and allows for future growth.

5. Equipment sourcing

The proven technologies we use are applied with profit as the goal.

6. Installation

We can supply all of the installation. The preference, however, is to involve the same staff who will be operating the system. This way, the intimate knowledge gained through construction will make the staff more efficient and knowledgeable as operators.

7. Staff training

During staff training we will educate your staff on the tips and tricks that have been learned through our years of experience.

8. Fleet training

Many fishermen have not yet learned how to handle crab for live-to-live resale. We can help move you and your fleet along the learning curve with fewer mortalities and more profit.

9. System management training

Once the system is running, we can train your staff in the use of water quality test equipment. This training is crucial in keeping simple but essential records. These records can be used to avoid most problems before they arise.