*AF12: 12 inch $38

*AF24: 24 inch $44

*AF36: 36 inch $47

*AF48: 48 inch $49

*AF60: 60 inch $56


The self-weighted Aqua-Fuser diffuser hose is ideal for medium to low pressure shipping and holding applications. Virtually unbreakable Nylon, Polyester, and Stainless Steel construction provides years of service.

The Aqua-Fuser conforms easily to any configuration yet is durable enough for use with Crustaceans but non-abrasive to finfish. Available with 1/4″ or  3/8″ hose barb.



Any length can be attached to any other length for any configuration or application length. Stock lengths come in 1 foot increments from 1 foot to 6 feet. Connect one unit to another as easily as screwing together a  garden hose.

Easily back-flushed using a common garden hose

Sold in stock sizes of 1,2,3,4 and 5 feet we can also provide custom sizes.

Features and Benefits of Aqua-Fusers

  1. As always, the purchase of an Aquatic Resources product gives you peace of mind from having access to the know-how and expertise of the industry’s trail blazer.
  2. Superior aeration is crucial to keeping aquatic and marine animals alive. Decades of working development have yielded the Aqua-Fuser, successfully designed to decrease mortality of live fish and crab.
  3. High-grade stainless steel, nylon, and other quality materials go into each Aqua-Fuser. The durable Aqua-Fuser can withstand thousands upon thousands of crab.
  4. With customers from all over the planet, we have designed the Aqua-Fuser to have universal barbed hose or threaded fittings, making for simple installation.
  5. Whether you are using the Aqua-Fuser in a tote, half-tote, barrel, or bucket, the flexible design means adaptability.

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