C-Chest Live System **NEW**

A Live Seafood System in Your Walk-In Cooler

We are proud to announce the development and release of the C-Chest, ARI’s profitable, easy to use.

These modular systems require no more than a 110 volt outlet and a walk-in cooler to keep up to 300 pounds of crab alive. Designed for our small business allies in the live seafood industry, this inexpensive ($3495.00), self-contained system has the potential to transform a restaurant or market’s revenue stream.

Would you like to start providing your customers access to the highest quality Dungeness Crab? With our experience on your side, it’s easier than you think!

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Features and Benefits of Aquatic Resources C-Chest:

  1. The included tutorial ($350 value) is a complete course in system operations and bio-filter maintenance.
  2. Because it uses the existing walk-in refrigeration, the C-Chest is much cheaper than a system that would have its own refrigeration (We can build with independent refrigeration as well).
  3. Intended to be pallet-jacked into a walk-in cooler. Because the tank has no fittings of perforations of any kind and there is no external water pump, there is no chance for a catastrophic leak in your walk-in.
  4. The simple design allows even inexperienced employees to be able to profitably run a live system.
  5. Because our unique system and the supplied “quick start” components, your “cash crab” system is ready to make profit from the moment you plug it in to a regular wall outlet.
  6. Call-in tech support drawing on more than 30 years of live systems design and operations experience.

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